Swap Details

aka  The Fine Print

Canadian Ski Patrol - SUDBURY

Used Skis and Snowboards brought to the Swap must meet DIN standards and be in good/excellent condition to be accepted for the sale.

If the equipment is several years old, it will be inspected by our staff to see if it is suitable for resale.

Older "straight skis" are no longer in demand regardless of the condition and are not accepted for resale.

Only skis, boots and snowboards will be accepted for the swap.

We do not accept clothing, used helmets, goggles or loose items (ie - bindings).

The Ski Patrol reserves the right to refuse any equipment deemed unsuitable.

There is a $5.00 display fee per item (with a maximum charge of $20 per family) and a 20% commission on all sales.  The selling price will be determined by the owner.

New this year - SALE SUNDAY - if you choose to, we will reduce the price of your unsold equipment on Sunday.

We ask that you pick up your cheque or unsold equipment on Sunday before 2 pm.

Equipment not reclaimed becomes property of the  Canadian Ski Patrol and will be donated to charity.